• Server Implementation

    The Server Implementation Service involves implementation of Web Server, Mail Server, Disk / Printer Sharing Server, and Database Server. A Web Server is an infrastructure for your business to advertise or provide an information through an internet hypertext channel. This will expand the channel for world-wide potential customer to contact you. Also, an intranet for sharing data among your business units is included in web server implementation service. A Mail Server is a server to handle internal and external mail for your organization. An internal mail system can replace old internal memo system so you can reduce slow burden paper routing between department. A Database Server is a relational database server for managing data of your core business application, e.g. Accounting Application. We have a lot of experiences on implementing Linux, FreeBSD, other Unix, Windows NT server. We can help you select technology suitable for your business.
  • Business Application Enhancement
    Develope software to integrate to your core business applications (e.g. Accounting Application, Payroll Application) so all information can pass through from one application to another application seamlessly. Or develope software to expand lacking features of your core business applications.
  • Networks Consulting / Networks Implementation
    Networks consulting is our service providing consultation for improve or for new implementation of computer networks for your organization. Networks implementation is our service providing implementation service of new computer networks or improve existing networks of your organization.

  • Ubuntu Migration and Implementation
    Our company has many staffs who has experience in Migration to Ubuntu (both Desktop and Server). We have real customers who have migrated to Ubuntu successfully. Also, our products, CPA - Web based ERP and Sureshot POS are running on Ubuntu platform with real production sites. That's all why we are the best choice if you need a consultant or implementation on Ubuntu Migration.